Sunday, March 15, 2009

China 1 US 0

For years we've understood the symbiotic relationship between our economy and China.  As we have fallen to our knees, what impact has it had on China. In the past, in this space, we've talked about the dangers of a weak and unstable China.  

James Fallows, in the April issue of The Atlantic has a must read on how China will use these tough times to innovate and leapfrog over America.  Here is an example:
In Shenzhen, north of Hong Kong, I went to see Liam Casey, the Irish entrepreneur I described two years ago as “Mr. China” for his success in matching big, famous foreign companies with small, obscure Chinese factories that can produce brand-name products quickly and well. Casey said that of the top 100 Chinese companies he works with regularly, not one had gone out of business. While many were struggling, some viewed the recession as a chance to move into higher-value work and introduce their own advanced products rather than serving strictly as subcontractors. (Several such items, like new tablet computers and handheld GPS devices, were displayed at the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.)