Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Death of American Virtue

Thirteen years ago the nation was transfixed by a political scandal that resulted in the impeachment of a President for only the second time in our history. What started as a small tawdry story about a failed savings and loan in Arkansas, would ultimately consume a President, a nation and a public, hungry for gossip in a new internet age.  We became experts on a story with dozens of players, all of  whom would become household names, yet would do little to advance the cause of either policy or democracy. Now, the full, untold story of the Bill Clinton and Ken Starr's  battle of titans, is told in Duquesne University  law professor Ken Gormly's new book The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr.  Written with access to virtually all of the "players" Gormley connects the dots to a story and a history we all lived but perhaps never fully understood.

My conversation with Ken Gormley:

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