Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is it possible?

On June 12th, 1994 a double homicide took place in Brentwood, CA. that would forever change the way we view crimes, criminal procedure and the American justice system. No crime and trial has ever drawn a bigger audience than the trial of O.J. Simpson for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The players, the events, the moments are still powerfully etched in the public consciousness and even our popular entertainment had to shift to accommodate the perceptions we had all been inculcated with as a result of the crime and trial. But was justice served? Did O.J. get away with murder? Has the downward spiral of his life been a kind of karmic punishment for a crime he got away with, OR...was he innocent? Did someone else actually commit the crime. Private Investigator Bill Dear has a different theory and like it or not, he's spent the past eighteen years pursuing it and now he lays it out in O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It My conversation with Bill Dear:

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