Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Hoops Whisperer: Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players

No question we are at the apogee of basketball playoffs. Today, almost as much attention gets focused on star coaches as on the star players. After all, who but stars can manage the egos of today’s NBA players?

However, one man, who is not yet a star, but who gets these players to pay attention, is Idan Ravin. He’s been called “The Hoops Whisperer,” because of the positive impact he has been able to have on so many, already great, NBA players.

He’s a trainer but so much and more. His success says a lot about what it takes to succeed in anything today. He shares his story in The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players.

My conversation with Idan Ravin:

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