Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Can This Man Save Trump? My Conversation with H.R. McMaster from May 1997. It's Hard To Believe That He's Joining the Trump Administration

Donald Trump has picked as his National Security Advisor a man who, at least twenty years ago, believed in the importance of character. Who thinks that presidential advisors should not lie and they by doing so, they can bring about disaster. He believes that the press needs to dig deeper and report more.

In his look at Vietnam, “Dereliction of Duty” H.R. McMaster calls out as virtues all of the things that Trump is not. Don’t engage in small lies. Let’s advisors speak truth to power and value a free press.

My conversation on Radio WhoWhatShy with H.R. McMaster form May 24, 1997 reflects a vision of a man who understands the nature of governing and of war. The problem is it’s 180 degrees from the administration he is about to join.

How McMaster squares this circle may determine the fate of the republic.