Thursday, March 30, 2017

Will Your Child Be Selected?

Millions of you are checking the mail every day waiting for that envelope that you think will determine the fate of your child. In almost all cases the kids will be fine no matter which excellent college they go to.  In India however, the stakes are higher. Not for college, but for cricket.

Millions of words have been written about helicopter parenting, about tiger moms, and dads pushing their sons in sports. This is not a uniquely American phenomenon. Throughout the world, as parents aspire for their children, these behaviors, good and bad, sensible and extreme, are everywhere.

Today we go to India, to Mumbai, to see a father as determined for his son's success in cricket as we would see an inner city father in Chicago, drilling his son on the basketball court, as maybe the only way out.

Perhaps, by seeing this all filtered through another culture, we can see it’s value and it’s absurdity. Booker Prize winning author Aravind Adiga does this in Selection Day.

My conversation with Aravind Adiga: