Friday, May 26, 2017

Janesville: A Very Human Story

We are nine years out from the great recession and still the consequences are impacting cities and towns across America. In spite of all the talk about manufacturing jobs coming back, the industrial/rust belt of America is still hollowed out.

The recession may have begun the process, but the forces shaping these changes are powerful, global, technological and are now deeply integrated into the future economy of the country.

Most of these manufacturing jobs are permanently gone. So what happens on the human side of this equation? What happens to the millions, who are displaced in heartland America?

We see that one of the things that happens is susceptibility to political charlatans. But when that salve wears off, what next? What's happening today, almost twenty years into the 21st century, as places like Janesville Wisconsin try to come the grips with this new reality.

Amy Goldstein a Pulitzer Prize winner and longtime reporter for the The Washington Post gets us inside this reality in Janesville: An American Story.

My conversation with Amy Goldstein: