Friday, June 19, 2020

Work or Else: Work Under the Threat of Punishment

A story recently, looking at unemployment and furloughs in the Silicon Valley, lamented that many employees working from home were not able to avail themselves of such industry perks as child care, dry cleaning, unlimited free buffets and ergonomic furniture. 

If only everyone had such a problem. The fact is, that even among those that are still or will soon be re-employed, there are a growing number of workers who are operating under coercion; without workplace protections, and in an environment ripe with abuse. Worse, is that it’s all perfectly legal. 

And it's not just immigrants and the uneducated. It's also college athletes, and even graduate students. 
We simply have a part of our workforce, right under our nose, that shows up for work every day under the threat of coercion and punishment. And in several ways COVID 19 has intensified what was already an ongoing problem. 

To shine a light on this dark area of work, I’m joined by Dr. Erin Hatton whole new work is Coerced 

My conversation with Erin Hatton: