Monday, April 18, 2022

The Pandemic Profiteers: A Conversation with J. David McSwane

Even if the details were never reported in real-time, you knew instinctively during the chaos of the early days of the Pandemic, in the winter of 2020, that some people would get rich. Testing, PPE, Government loans, PPP, small business loans, and all overseen by Donald Trump and his cronies. What could possibly go wrong?

Obviously, a lot did go wrong. As a result, many died and many got rich. The pandemic in a way gave rise to a group of American oligarchs, many with a checkered history at best, who took advantage of both the inherent corruption and the blatant incompetence of the administration.

And yet the stage was set for it all, by mistakes over the years that were made by both political parties and even some politicians with better intentions.

Now, as the dust settles the story of what became Pandemic Inc. is being told by J. David McSwane. My conversation with David McSwane: