Tuesday, August 23, 2022

How Did The Pandemic Change Us? A Conversation with Katie Hafner

Early on in the pandemic, in the earliest days of the lockdown, we wondered how this was going to change the world. Ironically, it was easier to look out and to try and figure out its impact on the world, rather than dig deeper and wonder how it might affect us.

But it did give us time to think, to wonder, and for some, to be deeply creative. It gave us all a springboard to see the familiar in new ways. To cope with isolation in new ways, to reaffirm or reconstruct our most intimate relationships.

All of this has given way to what might become a new genre of the pandemic art form; be it in the service of art, or music, or movies, or novels.

If Katie Hafner's debut novel The Boys is any indication, it will be a great genre.

My conversation with Katie Hafner: