Thursday, December 8, 2022

Presidential Words Matter: My Conversation with Cody Keenan

Language has always been an important tool in American politics. It allows politicians to communicate their ideas and visions to their constituents and persuade them to support their policies. The power of words is so great that politicians often have teams of speechwriters to help craft their messages. These writers often work closely with the politicians to understand their vision and goals, and help express them in a way that resonates with the public.
In his book GRACE, Cody Keenan writes about his experiences as President Obama's chief speechwriter during a critical ten-day period in June 2015.

Through Keenan's perspective, we see the inner workings of the Obama administration and the challenges they faced in trying to pass legislation and shape the future of the country. His book offers a unique insight into the role of language in American politics and the way it can be used to shape history.

My conversation with Cody Keenan: