Wednesday, July 26, 2023

What Sports Teach Us About Work and Life: A Conversation with Sally Jenkins

Today we idolize those who excel in nearly every sport, viewing them as heroes and role models, and they are among the highest earners in our society.

Undeniably, these individuals bring innate talents to their respective sports. However, these talents alone are insufficient. Their success hinges on what they do with their abilities—the discipline, practice, conditioning, resilience, and dedication to their sport.

The question we face today is what we can learn from their success. In all aspects of our lives, some, if not all, of the skills exhibited by these athletes are crucial. How we utilize our talents, how we 'come to play' every day, as the saying goes, can make the difference between success and failure in life.

The narratives we construct internally are what distinguish greatness from mediocrity.

These are some of the topics discussed by the great Sally Jenkins, in this podcast and in her new book, "THE RIGHT CALL

My conversation with Sally Jenkins