Wednesday, November 15, 2023

A Conversation with Heather Cox Richardson

As our nation teeters on the knife's edge of democracy, it's imperative to understand the historical roots of our current predicament. Heather Cox Richardson offers a deep dive into the intricate weave of America's past and present. A Professor of History at Boston College, Richardson is not only an acclaimed author but also the influential voice behind the daily Substack 'Letters From an American.'

In an era marked by relentless political turmoil, authoritarian threats, and pervasive societal corruption, Richardson's work serves as a crucial reminder: these challenges are not sudden anomalies but the culmination of a long, complex history.

Through her latest book, 'Democracy Awakening,' Richardson provides more than a mere chronicle of events. She offers a critical narrative that links our past to the present, shedding light on how America, once a beacon of democracy, now hovers dangerously close to autocracy. Her analysis is not just about understanding our history; it's about charting a course back to democratic principles.

My conversation with Heather Cox Richardson: 

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