Thursday, January 15, 2009

Voices of Hope

As we prepare for Obama's Inauguration, as viewed through the lens of our nations current problems, the hope that he represents can best be represented by both Lincoln and Martin Luther King.  Both of them, in their time, personified the hope we need now.

Last Sunday, when asked about his own Inaugural Address, Obama spoke almost in awe of Lincoln's second Inaugural, one of the greatest speeches in our nations history.  On Monday we also celebrate Martin Luther King, whose "I Have A Dream" speech paved the way for the history that will unfold on Tuesday.

Two new books capture the essence of both Lincoln and King and emphasise the power of their rhetoric.  Ronald White's A. Lincoln: A Biography and Eric Sundquist's King's Dream both vividly capture watershed moments in our nations history.

My conversation with Ronald White:

My conversation with Eric Sundquist: