Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are sports the only way out?

Now a hit motion picture, Michael Lewis's the The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game takes us inside the heart and soul of football and enables us to have a kind of understanding that goes far beyond Friday night lights.  Just as Lewis has taken us behind the scenes and into he worlds of baseball (Moneyball), finance (Liars' Poker), the silicon valley (The New, New Thing), he now reveals another side of football, in  the story of Michael Oher. Oher, a  homeless and athletically gifted Memphis ghetto kid, is taken in by a rich white Southern family who turns his life around through football and Oher's unique ability to play a very special position.  In so doing Lewis also reopens the old nature vs. nurture debate, as it sharpens our understanding and appreciation of athletic talent and the extreme rewards of Americas game.

My conversation with Michale Lewis:

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