Monday, September 26, 2011

Take the Lead

It used to be that the military style of leadership, top down command and control, was how the world operated. Today, in the military as well as business and life, leadership is about how we connect with each other. How we inspire others, how we collaborate effectively, how we incorporate the new values of our time into entrepreneurship and leadership. Few understand these concepts better than Betsy Meyers. She has been Executive Director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and the Director of the Office of Women's Business Ownership at the US Small Business Administration. She served as a COO and senior adviser to Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign and was a senior official in the Clinton Administration. She distills her wisdom in her new book Take the Lead: Motivate, Inspire, and Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Everyone Around You.

My conversation with Betsy Myers:

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