Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is Vietnam the "original sin" of American foreign policy?

Look around the political and social landscape today. The polarizing debates about who we are, what we stand for as a nation and as a people, are all issues that seem to be re-litigated over and over again, particularly since and in the context of the 60’s.

It was Fifty years ago this month that LBJ began the escalation of the Vietnam War. And in many ways that war has become the “original sin” of the theology of America. If slavery was the “original sin” that still haunts our domestic politics, Vietnam is the “original sin” that still haunts the conduct of our foreign policy and America's place in the world.

The world may little note nor long remember what went on in the killing fields of Vietnam, but for American, it’s very much a part of who we are. And to fully understand it, may be the key to finally moving beyond it.

Christian Appy takes us back to this unique time in American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity

My conversation with Christian Appy:

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