Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crime and Funishment

To date, Patricia Cornwell’s books have sold some 100 million copies in thirty-six languages in over 120 countries.  She’s authored twenty-six New York Times best sellers. She has just published her 21st Kay Scarpetta book, Dust 

However those numbers only tell a part of the story. Because if you had lived in a bubble for the past 23 years and only read Kay Scarpetta books, you would be completely up date on the state of law enforcement technology, and the changing mores and language of the time. In short, Patricia Cornwell's books are a kind of contemporary time machine from which we can have the pleasure of transporting ourselves to another world and at the same time stay grounded in the every changing world around us. A kind of crime and funisment.

My conversation with Patricia Cornwell:

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