Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dallas 1963 = America 2013

We have this very understandable habit of always thinking our era is unique. Even that our current period of political extremism is unparalleled. We think that the Tea Party rallies that called for the impeachment of the President, that engaged in racial animus, and accused the President of foreign allegiance and treason are unique events. They are not.

In the early 1960’s Dallas, Texas was a seething cauldron of similar feelings about another President, who came to office promising change and hope. It was another time when the world seemed to be shifting on its axis. It reached its apogee 50 years ago with the assassination of John Kennedy.

Regardless of where you stand on the theories about the assassination, there is no questions that Dallas was a character in the story. It was ground zero for the perfect storm of rage that Kennedy knew he was walking into.  Longtime Dallas based journalist and author Bill Minutaglio captures it all in Dallas 1963

My conversation with Bill Minutaglio

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